priming cartridge造句

"priming cartridge"是什麽意思   


  1. All printers are to be set up using priming cartridges.
  2. He also included in his patent claims rim and centerfire primed cartridges using brass or copper casings.
  3. Reloadable Boxer-primed cartridge cases can be formed from 9mm Winchester Magnum by simply resizing and trimming.
  4. The primer cartridge, enclosed at one end by a lacquered brass head, resembles a 12-gauge shotgun shell.
  5. Berden primed cartridges also have a double flash hole, making their removal difficult because the standard decapping die only has a single decapping pin.
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  7. The complete 7.2-pound round consists of a percussion fuze, the shell body, the fin assembly, the primer cartridge, and the propelling charge.
  8. Historian Thom Hatch observes that the Model 1873 Springfield, despite the known ejector flaw, remained the standard issue shoulder arm for US troops until the early 1890s . when the copper-cased, inside-primed cartridges were replaced with brass.


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