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  1. The US has no requirement that privately owned railways carry liability insurance.
  2. In 1948, the privately owned railways were nationalised and incorporated into British Railways.
  3. In 1882, a privately owned railway service was in place and started a Simrishamn-Tomelilla service.
  4. Unlike most other privately owned railways in South Africa, the NCCR prospered and was well and efficiently run.
  5. Unlike many other privately owned railways in South Africa, the NCCR prospered and was well and efficiently run.
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  7. To begin with, the largely privately owned railway companies within the German Empire in the 19th century procured wagons to their own requirements.
  8. It became the last privately owned railway undertaking to survive in Ireland ( although the Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway still existed as a road transport firm ).
  9. Some 129 million acres ( 52.2 million hectares ) of public land was ultimately transferred from public ownership to the privately owned railways as part of this process.
  10. Other privately owned railways operating in the Tokyo area also removed trash cans from platforms and other areas in their stations for fear that they could hide bombs or chemical weapons.
  11. The "'Tasmanian Main Line Company "'( T . M . L . ) was a privately owned railway company that existed in Tasmania from 1872 to 1890.
  12. As Chairman of the Railway Board, Badhwar oversaw the amalgamation of the various privately owned railways, government owned lines and those of the princely states into the single organisation of the Indian Railways.
  13. In order to provide convenient transport of the coal to markets beyond the local area, a privately owned railway extension from the New Zealand Railways Department's Wairio Branch was opened by the Ohai Railway Board in January 1925.
  14. The present network comprises most of the southern part of what was once a much bigger network, made up of privately owned railways all over Roslagen, connecting Stockholm and Uppsala with the countryside and used for passenger and freight trains.
  15. When constructed, they were part of the longest privately owned railway network in Australia, but were incorporated into the Queensland Government rail system in June 1919 when most of the Chillagoe Company's assets were purchased by the Queensland Government.
  16. The origins of the line date from 1863, when a privately owned railway from Barcelona to the then-separated town of Catalan government in 1979, and has been operated by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya ( FGC ) ever since.
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