privately owned utility造句


  1. Intense negotiations with the privately owned utilities drag on week after week.
  2. He fought privately owned utility monopolies, and set up competing companies owned by the city.
  3. And not allowing privately owned utilities from passing on sharply spiking wholesale prices to retail customers bankrupted them.
  4. Among them only about 15 million people, all living in Chile, are served by privately owned utilities.
  5. Reservoirs used by Iberdrola SA, Spain's largest privately owned utility, are at 67 percent of capacity.
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  7. She said the rate cut may not apply to privately owned utilities, and could be offset by higher transmission fees.
  8. Aguas Argentinas and all of the major privately owned utilities operating in Argentina were asked to comment on the rate dispute.
  9. Nearly 40 percent said they strongly disapproved of the state's privately owned utilities, and another 20 percent disapproved somewhat.
  10. Wilbur Dam was constructed by the former Tennessee Electric Power Company, a privately owned utility purchased by TVA in the late 1930s.
  11. In this office, he was described as " a champion of the common man and a critic of privately owned utility corporations ."
  12. I am concerned that the changes the IRS is considering may allow publicly owned utilities to expand the use of tax-exempt bonds to compete against privately owned utilities,
  13. All three of California's privately owned utilities have been hit hard by soaring wholesale electricity prices, blamed in part on tight supplies and rising natural gas costs.
  14. But the two serious Indian bidders _ Tata Power and BSES, both privately owned utilities backed by major industrial concerns here _ are reportedly willing to pay only about half that.
  15. For years, Bonneville has paid a " residential exchange " to privately owned utilities with residential clients to compensate for the low-priced energy it sells to public utilities.
  16. New South Wales state has begun to reform its state-owned market, Queensland state has some privately owned utilities and South Australia state also is introducing some reforms to its markets.
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