1. It was common consensus that Asean's future depends on the privatesector as the engine of growth.
  2. This mayinvolve measures to encourage adaptation to EU standards, technologytransfer, quality control, planning methods and the promotion of privatesector institution building.
  3. Under this plan, the objective is for the privatesector to provide 70 per cent of the total targets for low medium-andlow-cost housing.
  4. Apart from promoting value-added industrialisation, the Asean privatesector also took cognizance of the growing importance of the servicessector and for more investments to be made in this sector.
  5. However since 1995, PNBIT has branched out and landed computer-relatedwork from the Postal Department, the Road Transport Department, theNational Registration Department, the Immigration Department, and privatesector companies.
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  7. During this year, the Ministry of Supply started lifting subsidy on strategic foodstuffitems such as rice, sugar, powdered milk and wheat, and therefore allowed the privatesector to import these goods.
  8. He pointed out that the acute difficulties faced by hospitals in the privatesector were of the utmost importance, and needed to be addressed, especially since many hospitals face the problem of paying back foreign loans which will result in them taking heavy losses.
  9. Italso argues that the pace at which state-controlled funds, includingSingapore's foreign reserves, are allocated for management by the privatesector needs to be speeded up, suggesting that at least 20 per cent ofpublic funds be placed with private fund managers in the country withinthree years.
  10. `We envision our nations being governed with the consent and greaterparticipation of the people, with its focus on the welfare and dignity ofthe human person and the good of the community .'As Philippines President Fidel Ramos said when closing the Asean PrivateSector Salute Conference, ` Asean 2020 embraces the pressures, the risksand the opportunities of globalisaton.


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