product advantage造句

"product advantage"是什麽意思   


  1. product advantage and feature
  2. special product advantages
  3. product advantage : high technical content, high beginning and high level
  4. what you are trying to decide with this strategy decision is where your competitive product advantage lies
  5. in addition to these specific product advantages, a large amount of agronomic evidence supports the use of urea in many cropping systems
  6. It's difficult to find product advantage in a sentence. 用product advantage造句挺難的
  7. my company has more than 10 years experience in fiberglass pultrusion products production, and trade with other manufacturers, product advantages are as follows
  8. these factors are interdependent because the concept of product advantage involves identifying what the consumer wants and comparing that with the competition's strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your product
  9. the third chapter of this thesis has introduced two strategies location method, which is based on " orientation of product advantages " and " orientation of requirement " . the thesis has got the conclusion that the telecommunication industry must realize the transferring from the former one to the later one
  10. once more, the article analyzes chain operation ’ s marketing situation in our country in a chapter, and points insufficiency : wasting of product advantages, insufficiency of brand management, ineffective using of price weapons, the channel construction ’ s imperfect, insufficient training . finally, in the end of article, the author gives some measures to improve above all the insufficient, including : improving product strategies, strengthening brand strategic management, practicing low ? cost strategies, imperfecting the channels, raising the level of promoting and forcing the of training of marketing team
  11. while looking into the structure of tour resources and present landscape spots of wuhan city, developing wuhans tourism is a very wide and promising trade . but according to the present developing and growing situation of wuhan's tourism market, resource advantage has not been fully transformed into product advantage; the function and position of the leading trade of tourism is not prominent; the deeper development of tour resources and products structure have been relatively limited, which restrict the developing of wuhans comprehensive benefits from tourism . puts forward the strategy of deep development from the analysis of the structure of wuhans landscape spots and developing problem


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