promotion a造句


  1. Coca-Cola's promotions a hit with movie theater owners
  2. Nonetheless, social promotion as a broad concept has few supporters.
  3. Some antismoking groups attacked the new promotions as self-serving.
  4. Coca-Cola plans more promotions as market dries up, NATION
  5. His username should be banned as self-promotion as well.
  6. It's difficult to find promotion a in a sentence. 用promotion a造句挺難的
  7. This publicity brochure is not worthy of promotion as it stands.
  8. Toma ~  won direct promotion as winners of Second League.
  9. Holyfield pressed forward under Main Event management and promotions as a cruiserweight.
  10. The club immediately gained promotion as champions of Division Three.
  11. In 1990 Coulson received his final promotion as a Deputy Circuit Judge.
  12. He wrestles in independent wrestling promotions as " Ma'kua ".
  13. Mr Pandithasekara left college when he gained promotion as Director of Education.
  14. In 2006 Oudenaarde was crowned champion of the promotion A.
  15. He and Wipprecht participated in fundraisers for their own promotion as well.
  16. In some cases, the service providers dropped Cyber Promotions as a customer.
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