promotion and relegation造句


  1. There is no promotion and relegation between the reserve team leagues.
  2. Previously, the league utilized a different promotion and relegation format.
  3. Automatic promotion and relegation was then instigated with its feeder leagues.
  4. There is promotion and relegation of two clubs between each division.
  5. All these levels are interconnected by way of promotion and relegation.
  6. It's difficult to find promotion and relegation in a sentence. 用promotion and relegation造句挺難的
  7. Automatic promotion and relegation between senior and intermediate football was introduced.
  8. This season was the last where promotion and relegation are optional.
  9. In 2015 automatic promotion and relegation was replaced with The Qualifiers.
  10. Almost everywhere, promotion and relegation are an accepted part of sport.
  11. Below that level, individual league articles detail promotion and relegation arrangements.
  12. Promotion and relegation between Super League and Plate League continued as before.
  13. Promotion and relegation rules are the same as in this higher level.
  14. Since then the club has suffered several promotions and relegation.
  15. Promotion and Relegation doesn't exist in the North.
  16. Sports such as basketball in Spain and Lithuania use promotion and relegation.
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