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  1. I understand that pvcs has specific feature support for " promotion groups " , although i ' ve never used this product personally
    我知道pvcs有特殊的特性來支持“升級組” ,盡管我沒有親自使用這個產品。
  2. Within a period of two years , every parish should set up a " vocations promotion groups " which will offer daily prayers for priestly vocations and actively encourage the young people to respond to priestly vocations
  3. The china star support and promotion group for the beijing 2008 olympic games was established in beijing on may 30 . the supportive group for the beijing olympic games was authorized by the beijing organizing committee for the games of the xxix olympiad bocgo bocog executive vice - president wang wei unveiled the csgo flag and handed it to the executive chief of csgo wu zhenmian at the establishment ceremony
    5月30日, “中國文體明星北京奧運宣傳助威團”成立,明星奧運宣傳助威團匯集了內地港澳臺及海外華人中文藝體育界極具知名度的百余位人士,其宗旨是聚合眾星之力為北京2008年奧運會和殘奧會助威,并致力于向世界推廣中華文化。
  4. In this cool and fruitful golden autumn , we meet at the beautiful foothills of changbai mountain , co - sponsoredby the international foundation for the protection of drinking water , china mining association , the geological environment department of the ministry of national land and resources , the promotion group of the changbai mountain mineral water resources of jilin province , the national land resource bureau of jilin province , the leading group office of building upecological province of jilin province and the people ' s government of baishan city , the fourth china baishan international mineral water festival now is on its way
    值此秋風送爽、碩果累累的金秋時節,我們相聚在美麗的長白山腳下,由國際飲水資源保護組織、中國礦業聯合會、國土資源部地質環境司、吉林省長白山礦泉水資源開發利用工作推進組、吉林省國土資源廳、吉林省生態省建設領導小組辦公室、白山市人民政府聯合主辦的第四屆“中國?白山國際礦泉節” ,今天隆重開幕了。
  5. It's difficult to find promotion group in a sentence. 用promotion group造句挺難的


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