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  1. Investment promotion manager
  2. A promotion manager was sentenced to 100 hours of community service for conspiracy to defraud by falsifying attendance records in order to deceive wages
  3. Andrew disbury has been director of education , china for the british council since september 2003 and was previously education promotion manager from december 2001
  4. Before arriving to shanghai , she held various sales and marketing position including promotions manager of a female magazine , event manager for conferences , and also sales director of an elearning company
  5. “ for 15 years manchester was the hacienda , ” says former promotions manager scott king . “ the moment that ended , the spirit , the one unifying force , died and with it went the whole manchester legacy
    “ 15年來‘莊園'夜總會就是曼徹斯特的標志, ”前推銷經理科特?金說, “那種局面一結束,那種精神,即統一全城的力量也隨之滅亡,整個曼徹斯特的文化遺產也隨著消失了。 ”
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  7. Also arrested were a former deputy chairman and three business promotion managers of the listed company ; an assistant manager , a former assistant manager and a former senior manager of a travel agency ; and two other civilians
  8. Accepting caring company honours from left : kai shing s senior promotion manager shirley li and assistant general manager pieter lam , may lau , the group s head of corporate communications , and hong yip s director and general manager alkin kwong and manager building management rebecca tam


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