1. Article 29 . property in the bankrupt enterprise that belongs to othe persons shall be retrieved by the persons with the right to such propert through the means of the liquidation team
  2. The most experts of agriculture economics think that there are three factors conditioning the use right flowing , that is , useness of living security , propert right , field market
  3. It believes that the government should change its mainpoint of economic policy , train a manageable group of high quality , try every efforts to promote the protection of intellectual propert
  4. Abstract : this paper applies economy principle to analyzing the principal - agent model between client and property management c ompany , the model is applied to putting forward three kinds of solutions con tributing to solving the problems in present expenses collection of propert y management company
  5. In recent years , my consultation business is involved evaluations for intangible assets , such as patent , sole - technique , trade mark , customer relationship etc , and other assets , including estimations for invisible assets of jiangsu nantian group , jiangsu first group , jiangsu huarong group and so on , whic have been obtain distinctive effects , i also proveded sufficient bases fixing price for those enterprises on their shares with a successful issue in the net of jiangsu propert trading and fixing price for their joint venture and cooperation
  6. It's difficult to find propert in a sentence. 用propert造句挺難的
  7. 2 . presenting banyan network ' s propert , conflict and the neccesary and sufficent condions of conflict . then , three routing algorithms are presented on realizing permutation routing based on time domain approach under the constraint of avoiding crosstalk , and the complexity of the algotithms are analysed
    2 、給出了banyan網絡的一些性質及實現置換路由的沖突次數及發生沖突的充要條件,并且給出了基于時域法的無串擾的實現置換路由的三種調度算法,討論了算法的時間復雜度以及所需要的調度次數的上界。


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