pubic triangle造句


  1. The figurine is partially sexually ambiguous due to lack of breasts, but it has an emphasized pubic triangle and vaginal area.
  2. The central figure is abstracted, with simple black outlines drawn in charcoal of a featureless face, breasts and pubic triangle, and upraised arms.
  3. They're shown either nude or wearing the kind of pleated drapery that Fortuny would recreate several millennia down the road, drapery so diaphanous that in one relief a pubic triangle is clearly outlined.
  4. Chalandriani frying pans are further decorated with carving in the form of female genitalia, the so-called " pubic triangle . " Normally this takes the form of a triangular pattern with a central vertical line at the base of the handle.
  5. There are landscapes, sympathetic portraits of Weston's four handsome sons and a few pictures that could only be called silly _ Weston's wife, nude and reclining in a gas mask, or standing nude by the front door with her husband's studio sign almost covering her pubic triangle.
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