1. But FIFA president Joao Havelange has pubicly rejected it.
  2. Condit himself has had nothing to say pubicly.
  3. I Ariobarza pubicly apologize to all the users which I have made their lives harder.
  4. Veteran point guard Doc Rivers is one of the few who isn't afraid to say so pubicly.
  5. The Singapore bank said if the merger takes place as planned, the merged operations will be pubicly traded.
  6. It's difficult to find pubicly in a sentence. 用pubicly造句挺難的
  7. For you to state pubicly on television that I do not believe in the Real Presence is astounding and reprehensible.
  8. In doing so, I donated some time investigating Waggener Edstrom, a large PR firm that was identified as pubicly advertising Wikipedia services on their website.
  9. The moment, the first in which one of the murder victim's relatives had pubicly confonted Simpson, was so gripping that his lawyers cried foul.
  10. The SEC, however, wants all public companies to file electronically by next May, and Michael Jones, a commission spokesman, said about 60 percent of American-based companies that are pubicly owned have already converted.
  11. Under the merger agreement, shareholders of Creative BioMolecules, the only pubicly traded company in the group, will exchange 10 shares of Creative BioMolecules for three Curis shares and become Curis'largest stockholder with 12 million shares.


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