public access computer造句


  1. All branches feature free public access computers and free wifi.
  2. The Gander Public Library offers the Community Access Program providing public access computers and free internet.
  3. A public access computer is used by many different untrusted individuals throughout the course of the day.
  4. The network consisted of coin-operated, public access computers installed in many Bay Area coffee houses.
  5. The current location features public access computers, reading areas, and the ability to pick up requested materials.
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  7. Recently renovated in 2007, the library features a state of the art computer lab and 20 public access computers.
  8. Each sits in a park-like setting and has meeting rooms, public access computers, and adult and youth areas.
  9. Computer access includes 32 public access computers, free Wi-Fi Internet access, and 8 Mac computers in the teen space.
  10. Given the randomness of the postings from that ip it could be a public access computer or part of an unsecured wireless network.
  11. The first unit produced was used in a high school math class, and donated to Liza Loop's public access computer center.
  12. In compliance with the Children s Internet Protection Act ( CIPA ), the Library provides filtered Internet access on all public access computers.
  13. Public computers share similar hardware and software components to personal computers, however, the role and function of a public access computer is entirely different.
  14. This was the first company to develop the minicomputer for use in libraries, in effect building the Online Public Access Computer ( OPAC ) market.
  15. Each offers public access computers, adult and children's programming and meeting rooms in addition to books, downloadable media, DVDs, magazines and newspapers.
  16. The use of library public access computers and devices constitutes acceptance that users will comply with federal, state and local laws, as well as Library policies.
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