public access defibrillation造句


  1. In addition, there is increasing use of public access defibrillation.
  2. Officials with the Public Access Defibrillation Trial say putting defibrillators and trained, non-medical staff in areas with large numbers of people, such as malls, senior centers, hotels, office buildings or sports venues, could save lives.
  3. From EMT defibrillation with AEDs, there was a natural and logical progression to first responder defibrillation ( AEDs used by police or security personnel ), next widespread Public Access Defibrillation ( AEDs used by lay persons in public locations such as airports, schools, exercise facilities, etc . ) and finally home AED including the opportunity to purchase AEDs over the counter without a prescription.
  4. Their ease of use has given rise to the notion of public access defibrillation ( PAD ), which experts agree has the potential to be the single greatest advance in the treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest since the invention of CPR . Some advances include a CPR feedback device by Zoll and Cardiac Science, non-polarized pads ( they can be placed in either location ) by Cardiac Science, a status indicator most AEDS, and simple voice and text prompts with an adjustable skill level, on most AEDs.
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