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  1. Minner said Thursday he's looking forward to new challenges in Punta Gorda.
  2. Abundant Life was not the only Punta Gorda-area church to suffer damage.
  3. High Monday 80 at Opa Locka Punta Gorda and Ft Myers Fl
  4. Goodwill Industries was destroyed and so was the Punta Gorda Housing Authority.
  5. At the Riviera Marina in Punta Gorda, nearly 50 boats were destroyed.
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  7. In Punta Gorda, the storm destroyed part of the central power system.
  8. The following day they drove about an hour south to Punta Gorda.
  9. Historic downtown Pensacola looked much like Punta Gorda did after Hurricane Charley.
  10. Pitas Point and nearby Punta Gorda were created by large uplift events.
  11. Punta Gorda is a seaport and fishing town on the Caribbean Sea.
  12. There are no tourist amenities in Punta Gorda, just a dirt road.
  13. Ray Rubin of Punta Gorda said he is fast approaching those emotions.
  14. INSURE-- Residents of Windmill Village in Punta Gorda are facing tough decisions.
  15. His new serpentarium, not far from Punta Gorda in rural southwestern Florida.
  16. The Punta Gorda Light was established in response to the sinking.
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