1. In 1966, Qoddusi was imprisoned for a short time in Qezel Qaleh Prison.
  2. This place is a part of the former Qezel-Qale prison that has been abandoned for many years.
  3. Second one is Qezel-Qale ( translated as Red Castle ) park, which is located in the beginning of Jahan Ara street.
  4. "獻n Safavi times, Azerbaijan was applied to all the Muslim-ruled khanates of the eastern Caucasian as well as to the area south of the Araz River as fas as the Qezel Uzan River, the latter region being approximately the same as the modern Iranian ostans of East and West Azerbaijan . ?"-- Muriel Atkin, " Russia and Iran, 1780 1828 " . 2nd ed.
  5. It's difficult to find qezel in a sentence. 用qezel造句挺難的


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