1. When he finished speaking, Isok climbed back on his horse and rode out of Qezelabad.
  2. In Qezelabad, the Hazara ghost town, a lone man recently rode through the snow on a horse.
  3. He came back the other day to remember his family, 30 of whom lie in Qezelabad's graves.
  4. They were a minority people, the Hazaras who lived in Qezelabad, but their neighbors came from hamlets far away when they heard the terrible news.
  5. In this place, a once-thriving village called Qezelabad, Taliban soldiers swept in four years ago and shot and stabbed nearly everything that was alive.
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  7. In recent days, some former residents have been drifting back to Hazara mountain villages, but not to one called Qezelabad, near Mazar-e-Sharif.


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