qf 13 pounder造句


  1. They were equipped with the Ordnance QF 13 pounder.
  2. The weapon was made obsolete in British service by the acquisition of the modern quick-firing Ehrhardt QF 13 pounder from 1905.
  3. The carriage's short recoil of allowed a higher rate of fire than for AA guns based on long-recoil field guns such as the QF 13 pounder 9 cwt.
  4. Other earlier anti-aircraft guns based on the existing 18 pounder guns proved inadequate, apart from the QF 13 pounder 9 cwt but even that could not reach high altitudes and fired a fairly light shell.
  5. The British Army did not employ it as an infantry weapon in World War I, as its shell was considered too small for use against any objects or fortifications and British doctrine relied on shrapnel fired by QF 13 pounder and 18-pounder field guns as its primary medium range anti-personnel weapon.
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