quantities bill造句

"quantities bill"是什麽意思   


  1. Discussion on bidding offer for quantity bill pricing mode
  2. Discussion on the highway cost management with the quantities bill
  3. Quantity sheet ; quantities bill
  4. Disccussion on the enterprise ' s quota management in the quantities bill valuation system
  5. The fabrication cost mode by project quantity bill is popularly practiced in the fabrication cost management of international projects
  6. It's difficult to find quantities bill in a sentence. 用quantities bill造句挺難的
  7. The advantage of carrying out project quantity bill quoted price is the right of making a price vest in enterprise , and in the end price is formed by the market
  8. The third aspect is to reform current project price system and to engender market forming price system . this part has researched into our construction project price system and its disadvantages . pointing out to carry out project quantity bill quoted price and to push enterprise ration establishment and development
  9. This paper introduces the connotations of the quantities bill valuation , makes comparative analysis on the quantities bill valuation with the quota valuation , illustrates the necessity of implementing the quantities bill valuation at present , and puts forward some problems that should pay attention to in implementing the quantities bill valuation and some suggestions


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