quantities use造句


  1. :Hot chilies are pretty much interchangeable except for the quantity used.
  2. It is still produced today in small quantities using the original moulds.
  3. Mixing colours is analogous to combining quantities using mathematical operations.
  4. In the typically small quantities used they're still not a concern.
  5. The wind triangle describes the relationships among the quantities used in air navigation.
  6. It's difficult to find quantities use in a sentence. 用quantities use造句挺難的
  7. These comics are generally photocopied, although some are produced in larger quantities using offset printing.
  8. Instead, it represents an arbitrary quantity used to provide a relative idea of material properties.
  9. There are many alternative quantities used by physicists and engineers to describe how damped an oscillator is.
  10. I was wondering how long these two opioids are detectable in the urine and if quantity use can be measured.
  11. The Collector of Customs granted the request but demanded precise accounting of the quantities used in manufacturing, including any waste.
  12. Sabine finds her in the bar, expressing concerns over the quantities used when making the pill, causing Vod to worry.
  13. The long run is a time frame in which the firm can vary the quantities used of all inputs, even physical capital.
  14. The main export of Saint John used to be sugar cane, which was produced in great quantity using African and Indian slave labor.
  15. There are many alternate quantities used by physicists and engineers to describe how damped an oscillator is that are closely related to its quality factor.
  16. Further research is still needed, and being carried out to determine which specific fertilizer compounds, and the quantities used are the most efficient.
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