1. Quental moved to Bankers Trust from Chase Manhattan Bank six years ago.
  2. As a prose writer Quental displayed high talents, though he wrote little.
  3. Around 1450, was the probably foundation of the settlement of Porto, by Fern鉶 de Quental.
  4. Quental will begin April 28, and Chambers didn't yet know Lee's starting date.
  5. Socialism appealed only to Quental, who was a founder of the Partido Socialista Portugu阺 ( Portuguese Socialist Party ).
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  7. Among them were the personalities Antero Quental, Guerra Junqueiro, Rodrigues de Freitas, E鏰 de Queir髎 and Ramalho Ortig鉶.
  8. As a supporter of romanticism, Ortig鉶 became involved in a struggle against them and even fought a duel with Antero de Quental.
  9. Even Antero de Quental, who was friendly with Te骹ilo, referred to him as " a hierophant of literary charlatanism ".
  10. At age 16, he went to Coimbra to study law at the University of Coimbra; there he met the poet Antero de Quental.
  11. He creates the N鷆leo Pedag骻ico Antero de Quental in 1939 and in 1940 starts publishing " Inicia玢o : cadernos de informa玢o cultural ".
  12. Secularism began to be discussed in Portugal back in the 19th century, during the Casino Conferences in 1871, promoted by Antero de Quental.
  13. Has also translated Antero de Quental, Sophia de Mello Breyner, Nuno J鷇ice, Ant髇io Lobo Antunes, Lu韘 de Cam鮡s among other writers.
  14. His most famous portrait was that of the poet Antero de Quental in 1889 . In this haunting work Columbano seems to have anticipated Antero's suicide.
  15. The settlement of the southerly villa of Porto occurred in 1450, by Fern鉶 de Quental, on a hilltop overlooking the southern coast over a wide cove.
  16. His first lodging would be at the home of Filipe de Quental ( 1824 1892 ), professor of Medicine and paternal uncle of the author Antero de Quental.
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