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  1. Quentin Elias and Willy Densey have to perform in the concert.
  2. Quentin Elias was survived by his mother, Malika Zeggour and sister Nina Boileaux.
  3. The Article is provided directly by the artist " Quentin Elias " by electro boy inc records.
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  5. Some of these artists include Vernessa Mitchell, Jason Walker, Casey Stratton, Quentin Elias, Vivian Green, and Sam Harris.
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  7. In 2009, French singer Quentin Elias covered the song in a single released on-line at such retailers as iTunes and Amazon . com.
  8. Quentin Elias was the first to leave the group and embark on a solo career in 1999 . Elias, was based in New York City.
  9. In 2012, he published his first hardcover male figure study book, the now-out-of-print " Masculinity ", which included photographs of French singer, actor, and model Quentin Elias.
  10. Continuing to perform and record, Elias released a maxi single " Serve It Up " in 2005 and a solo album  What If I ?  In September 2005, he started his own corporation " Quentin Elias Music, Inc . ".
  11. After a return to French audiences after years of residing the States, he engaged in a comeback tour in 2011 and 2012, that included dates various European francophone venues under the title " Quentin Elias ( Re Invented ) " promoting his new release and remakes of old hits.


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