1. In late August 2009, Quillo joined La Liga club UD Almer韆.
  2. On 2 July 2010, Quillo signed a two-year contract with Recreativo de Huelva in the second level, remaining in his native Andalusia.
  3. Dwayne is knocked out while the animals get free, and Spike, Bucky and Quillo use video game skills to drive the truck back to the development.
  4. The Province of Yungay occupies part of the Callej髇 de Huaylas, the Conchucos Valley ( Yanama ), the coast of Ancash ( Quillo ) and the Huascar醤 National Park.
  5. "It's not exactly that God is on one side or the other, " said Ronald Quillo, a professor at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio.
  6. It's difficult to find quillo in a sentence. 用quillo造句挺難的
  7. While Quillo still sang and wrote songs for the album, entitled " These Things I Remember ", fellow worship leader Rebecca Dennison led half the songs and contributed music she wrote by herself and with Cosper.
  8. Following a Christmas season record in 2003, " Songs For The Advent ", Cosper, Quillo, Morris and Sojourn musicians began recording a Psalm-based record which delved into several folk musical styles in America and around the world.
  9. There he discovers a pack of animals recently awoken from their hibernation, led by Verne the turtle; the others include squirrel Hammy, skunk Stella, porcupines Penny and Lou, along with their triplet sons, Spike, Bucky and Quillo; and opossum Ozzie and his daughter Heather.
  10. This ten-song album featured the vocals of Sojourn worship leader Jeremy Quillo, who wrote all songs but the standard  Come Thou Fount .  Band member Eddy Morris and Cosper engineered and produced " With The Angels " at Morris s Ear Candy Studio  a pattern repeated for the next three Sojourn studio recordings.


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