1. He then traveled to Barcelona but was soon hospitalized again in the Quiron.
  2. Alicia de Larrocha died on 25 September 2009 in Quiron Hospital, Barcelona, aged 86.
  3. Monday's operation at the Quiron Clinic in Barcelona went well, the clinic said in a statement.
  4. Samaranch, 81 was released from the Clinica Quiron at 6 p . m . ( 1600 gmt ) after doctors reported he was in good health, the hospital said in a statement.
  5. A year later, upon his move to England, Rafael stated " " She had a very serious illness and it is true that she had to be treated at the Clinica Quiron.
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  7. Through market research and consultation with various experts, Rosa designed two enterprises using solar technology that could work through STA and IDEAAS, respectively : The Sun Shines for All and The Quiron Project.
  8. A year later, upon his move to England, Van der Vaart stated, " She had a very serious illness and it is true that she had to be treated at the Clinica Quiron.
  9. The Quiron Project is a non-profit run through IDEEAS that is designed to improve the well-being of the rural poor in an environmentally responsible manner through solar electrification, improved agricultural management, and conservation.
  10. Samaranch was in the Quiron private hospital for " acute complications resulting from high blood pressure due to the enormous effort he underwent before and during the IOC congress in Moscow " last month, the hospital said earlier this week
  11. He is currently co-director of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Hospital Quiron Barcelona, Chairman of the Board of the Garcia Cugat Foundation for Biomedical Research and President of the Medical Council at the Catalan Mutual Insurance of Football under the Royal Spanish Football Federation.
  12. The Foundation works with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Murcia, C髍doba, Las Palmas, CEU Cardenal Herrera Valencia, in addition to the trauma department Hospital Quiron Barcelona, the Instituto Veterinario de Ortopedia y Traumatolog韆 IVOT, the Centro de Investigaci髇 Pr韓cipe Felipe de Valencia.
  13. Sky News reported that a Gabonese government spokesman had stated : " The presidency of the Gabonese Republic would like to stress that the President of the Republic, the Head of State, His Excellency Omar Bongo is not dead . . . He is continuing his holiday in Spain following his checkup at the Quiron Clinic in Barcelona ".
  14. The same day, Gabon's prime minister released a statement saying that he went to visit Bongo in the Quiron clinic in Barcelona : " This morning I visited the President, accompanied by the President of the National Assembly, the Foreign Minister, the head of the President's cabinet and senior members of the presidential family and after a meeting with the medical team we can confirm that the President is alive . " The Prime Minister made no comment on Bongo's state of health after reading the statement to reporters.


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