1. He forces Ramia to do menial tasks such as cleaning the floor.
  2. The youngest son of Queen Ramia, and prince of La Naan.
  3. The oldest son of Queen Ramia, and prince of La Naan.
  4. Lalya Gaye and Ramia Maz?initiated and managed the project.
  5. Ramia had married the villain for the guarantee Doiby would be left alive.
  6. It's difficult to find ramia in a sentence. 用ramia造句挺難的
  7. The second oldest son of Queen Ramia, and prince of La Naan.
  8. Ramia lived with her cousin Sonia for many years until Sonia was married.
  9. Ramia's memories are restored right as Misa and Sammy defeat Hiroshi.
  10. When Ramia goes missing later in the series, he is overjoyed at first.
  11. Appleby's public defender, Matthew Ramia, would not comment on the case.
  12. Ramia comes to him offering to help.
  13. The nymphs Ramia and Eurota fall in love with Gallathea while Telusa falls for Phillida.
  14. Ramia promises to Rumiya that this will be the last time Misao has to transform.
  15. Sasami saves Misao from her despair and together they free Misao from Ramia's influence.
  16. Ramia gets frustrated with him and ends up pushing him into accidentally kissing Misao on the cheek.
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