rat salad造句


  1. The Survivors, a southern suburbs Brisbane band, had a mutual admiration for 1960s music but originally they named their band Rat Salad after the Black Sabbath song.
  2. Also from this period were the Survivors ( formed in 1976 as Rat Salad ), which issued a sole single, " Baby Come Back ", in December 1977.
  3. In 1994 Doom Records released an album entitled " A Double Dose of Doom " featuring Obstination and Rat Salad ( who would go on to become Iron Man ).
  4. There is a self-titled Force album and " A Double Dose of Doom ", which features Rat Salad and Obstination ( who would go on to become Unorthodox ).
  5. Hollywood Rose reunited briefly in 1985 with Rose, Stradlin, Weber and Darrow ( Sonic Medusa, Rat Salad, Super Heroines, Decadents ) returning and adding former L . A . Guns drummer Rob Gardner to the group.
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  7. From the ages of 14 to 18 he was involved in music in various Dada and performance art bands in and around South Los Angeles, including " ZaSu Pits and the Enema Dog Review-Featuring a Walk in the Closet ", " Rat Salad " and " The Techno-Cats " ( which later splintered into The Brainiacs, The Suburbs and Suburban Lawns ).
  8. Another 1970 usage of the metal umlaut was by Black Sabbath, which released a picture-sleeve 7 " single version of " Paranoid " ( with the b-side " Rat Salad " ), titled " Parano飀 " with a diaeresis above the " i " ( as is correct in French, except that in French the'd'is followed by an'e').
  9. According to Butler, Ward's drum solo " Rat Salad " resulted from the band having to play eight and three quarter hour spots a night in Europe early in their career . " Bill used to fill out a whole 45 minutes doing a drum solo just to get rid of that 45 minutes, " he revealed to " Classic Albums " . " I have no idea where the title came from, though . " In 2013, Sabbath biographer Mick Wall described the closing track on the album, " Fairies Wear Boots ", as a " hard-driving riff sweetened by a beautifully baleful melody " with a lyric written by Osbourne about a nasty encounter with a group of skinheads.


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