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  1. Rat Scabies is already being tagged a nubile John Bonham.
  2. They were joined as guest musician by Rat Scabies of the Damned.
  3. Rat Scabies has played all the drums for the album.
  4. Rat Scabies drums as solidly as an express train.
  5. Fourteen year old Rodger Bullen, Rat Scabies'prot間? has just joined Eater.
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  7. Fourteen-year-old Rodger Bullen, a Rat Scabies protege, has just joined Eater.
  8. Soon afterward, Moss began drumming with The Damned, replacing Rat Scabies who had quit the band.
  9. Vicious was due to fly to The Damned's Rat Scabies completed the line up on drums.
  10. In March 2006, they appeared at The Spice Of Life in London with Rat Scabies performing punk ).
  11. The second single was'Future Girl / No Trust'produced by Rat Scabies, released on Glass Records.
  12. In 2003 Peter Coyne and Kris Dollimore played briefly in a band called The Germans with Rat Scabies, formerly of The Damned.
  13. Founding drummer Rat Scabies had chucked Sensible out of the band eight years ago, forcing Sensible to form his psychedelic outfit Punk Floyd.
  14. January 2009 edition with interviews with Jesse Budd, Rat Scabies and Flipron manager, Phil Taylor ( who also managed Bobby Long ).
  15. "' The Damned "'are an English Brian James, bassist ( and later guitarist ) Captain Sensible, and drummer Rat Scabies.
  16. In May 2004, Donovan played " Sunshine Superman " at the wedding concert for the Damned drummer Rat Scabies and Flipron keyboard player, Joe Atkinson.
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