rat squad造句


  1. Sorenson's run-in with the Rat Squad also made for good TV drama.
  2. He fought with The Rat Squad.
  3. Despite some antagonism towards Webster due to his leaving the streets for IAB ( Referred to by regular cops as the Rat Squad ), Eve has great respect for Webster and his abilities, and she knows that he values the job and badge over results.
  4. We want to know that more plagues will befall Detective Andy Sipowicz ( Dennis Franz ) than Job, that there will be an Internal Affairs Bureau ( " rat squad " ) investigation we'll only vaguely be able to follow, that slinky Detective Diane Russell ( Kim Delaney ) will hook up with ( and bed down ) Mr . Wrong, and that the season's first episode will close with a little bee-hind nudity, both male and female.
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