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  1. Both bred rat terriers and may have attended dog shows together.
  2. The Rat Terrier is a specific breed within the Feist umbrella.
  3. And like my rat terrier, he's feisty,"
  4. Breed loyalists maintained the bloodline, leading to the modern Rat Terrier.
  5. AKC accepted the rat terrier into the terrier group in June 2012.
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  7. Stinnett ran a business, Happy Haven Rat Terriers, from her home.
  8. Stinnett bred rat terriers as a small home business.
  9. Rat Terriers were accepted into the AKC's terrier group June 2012.
  10. The American Rat Terrier Association is the UKC parent club for this breed.
  11. Feist dogs are the progenitor of what we now call the Rat Terrier.
  12. Modern examples include the Jack Russell Terrier, Rat Terrier and the Patterdale Terrier.
  13. Although the UKCI still only recognizes them as a variation of the Rat Terrier.
  14. The NRTA continues to classify the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier as the Type B Rat Terrier.
  15. Rat terriers have been competing in the United Kennel Club events for over 15 years.
  16. The only AHT distinguishing characteristics from its coated Rat Terrier foundation stock is its hairlessness.
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