1. It wasn't until 1483 when Erhard Ratdolt in Venice published both.
  2. However, the illustrations commissioned by Ratdolt served as a template for future sky atlas renderings of the constellation figures.
  3. Ratdolt's edition of the " Tabule directionum profectionumque " of Regiomontanus, printed in 1490, has corrections by Engel.
  4. His " Astrolabium planum ", with many tables of astrological calculation and 360 examples of horoscopes, was published by Erhard Ratdolt in Augsburg in 1488.
  5. In 1491 Ratdolt printed Engel's edition of the " Decem tractatus astronomiae " of the thirteenth-century mathematician and astrologer Guido Bonatti of Forl?
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  7. Ratdolt is also famous for having produced the first known printer's type specimen book ( in this instance a broadsheet displaying the fonts with which he might print ).
  8. His " Astrolabium planum " was published by Erhard Ratdolt of Augsburg in 1488; a second edition was printed by Johann Emerich for Lucantonio Giunti in Venice in 1494.
  9. From 1489 to 1491 Engel worked as a proof-reader or editor for the noted printer Erhard Ratdolt of Augsburg, who had previously worked in Venice and had published many works on astronomy.
  10. "De Astronomia " was first published, with accompanying figures, by Erhard Ratdolt in Venice, 1482, under the title " Clarissimi uiri Hyginii Poeticon astronomicon opus utilissimum ."
  11. Egidio Tebaldi's translation was first published by Erhard Ratdolt in 1484 together with Haly's commentary and a " pseudo-Ptolemaic " list of aphorisms known as the " Centiloquium ".
  12. In 1485 at Venice a complete copy of the Old Castilian manuscript was translated into Latin and published by Erhard Ratdolt as " Praeclarissimus liber completus in judiciis astrorum " ( " The very famous complete book on the judgment of the stars " ).
  13. During the Renaissance, printing of " Catasterismi ", invariably attributed to Eratosthenes, began early, but the work was always overshadowed by Hyginus, the only other ancient repertory of catasterisms . " Catasterismi " was illustrated by woodcuts in the first illustrated edition by Erhard Ratdolt, ( Venice 1482 ).
  14. Engel's edition of the " De magnis coniunctionibus ", Latin translations by Jean de S関ille ( Johannes Hispalensis ) of works by the ninth-century astronomer and astrologer Abu Ma'shar al-Balkhi of Baghdad, was published by Ratdolt in 1489, and was influential in the development of the astrological theory of planetary conjunctions.


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