1. 3 , through analyzing the character of cscl system , we describe a cahhi " s interaction model and list the ratiocinative rule and evaluative method as well
    3 、根據cscl系統的特點,定義并實現cahhi的交互模型,并給出了詳細的推理規則和評價方法。
  2. Ln this papef , the application of aitificial intellectualized ratiocinative technology based on modei in idss id put forward and also the design blue print of the power network operation detecting
  3. Referencing the idss technology , the ratiocinative technology based on model and the research of the software system constttiction and the software reuse technology , the " system of detecting and decision support in power network run " ( pndds ) is programmed and realized
    圍繞著idss技術、基于模型推理技術、軟件系統結構和軟件重用技術進行了研究,完成了“電網運行監測與決策支持系統pndds ”的數據和實現。
  4. The decision support system which uses the ratiocinative technology based on model is researched mainly in this papey , at the saxne time , considering the actual utility of the system and the opefation detecting of the power network , the operation detecting of the power network and the decision support are combined according to the actual detecting data
  5. It's difficult to find ratiocinative in a sentence. 用ratiocinative造句挺難的


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