ration shop造句


  1. Subsequently hundreds of ration shop owners were attacked and their shops and houses looted.
  2. The budget promised to strengthen the network of ration shops that provides essential goods at subsidized rates.
  3. Subsequently, Parivartan obtained all the records for 25 ration shops in the area using RTI applications.
  4. October 10  Villagers return food and fuel looted from ration shops in Murshidabad district ( The Telegraph)
  5. It is responsible for providing food grains, commodities for the people under Public Distribution System through Ration shops.
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  7. Radhika ( Kushboo ) is an honest governement employee, she is in charge of the food ration shop.
  8. The ration shops where they could buy food grains at less than cost have nothing for sale except paraffin and sugar.
  9. Earlier this month, the federal government ordered price increases on subsidized commodities sold in government ration shops to the poor.
  10. The group demanded an independent inquiry into the case, alleging a nexus between the ration shop dealers and civic officials.
  11. S . V Mangalam has a circle level police station, VAO, and Public Distribution Center such as Ration Shop.
  12. They note bitterly that, while their ration shops and clinics suffer shortages, the dollar stores spill over with diverted food and medicines.
  13. A nationwide system was set up to distribute subsidized food via a network of " ration shops " that today number 454, 000.
  14. He realises that the kerosene being mixed with diesel, is coming from ration shops 'it's the poor people's kerosene '.
  15. Supplyco has also undertaken distribution of pulses and spices and other branded products of Civil Supplies Corporation at subsidised prices, through the network of 2000 selected ration shops.
  16. In an attempt to close the deficit, the government last month announced it would cut subsidies on food and other commodities sold to the poor at special ration shops.
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