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  1. The Bulgarian 1st Army had a ration strength of 195, 820 men.
  2. By 28 October 1917 the ration strength of the EEF fighting troops was 50, 000.
  3. In addition, he is also on the ration strength and draws his own rations like any other soldier.
  4. By 30 December, had been admitted in the BEF in the year, about as measured by ration strength.
  5. By the time the offensive was ready in late October, Eighth Army had 231, 000 men on its ration strength.
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  7. The ration strength of the defending force was 48, 845, including 18, 185 armed with rifles, 86 armed with machine guns.
  8. At this time the Egyptian Expeditionary Force ( EEF ) had a ration strength of 156, 000 soldiers, plus 13, 000 Egyptian labourers.
  9. In early 1993, the HVO Main Staff put the ration strength of the HVO in its Operative Zone Southeast Herzegovina at 6, 000 officers and men.
  10. The ration strength of Chaytor's Force at the end of operations on 30 September was " 8, 000 British, 3, 000 Indian, 500 Egyptian Camel Transport Corps troops ."
  11. While initial G2 estimates of enemy troops was approximately 5000, an intercepted message at the end of April gave the ration strength as 10, 800, though it was thought this was a figure based upon projected, rather than, current strength.
  12. The 4th Army had a ration strength of and which needed of each just for daily maintenance but the change to a defence based on firepower, using the extra weapons and munitions produced by the Hindenburg Programme, needed more trains to carry ammunition to the front.
  13. By mid-January Amery and Lloyd George were arranging for the Permanent Military Representatives at Versailles to discuss Palestine ( they thought Turkish ration strength was 250, 000  at most whereas the General Staff put it at 425, 000, of whom around half were combatants ).
  14. The Somme ended on 18 November, having pushed the German front line back and failed to reach Bapaume, an objective for the first day, and with the BEF having suffered an estimated 420, 000 casualties ( there were also another 200, 000 or so French casualties ), almost as many as the average BEF ration strength in 1915.
  15. The Pasha I formation with a ration strength of about 16, 000, consisted of personnel and materiel for a machine gun battalion of eight companies with four guns each with Ottoman drivers, five anti-aircraft groups, the 60th Battalion Heavy Artillery consisting of one battery of two 100mm guns, one battery of four 150 mm howitzers and two batteries of 210 mm howitzers ( two guns in each battery ).


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