red indian造句

"red indian"是什麽意思   


  1. He is a pure red indian .
  2. Compared with such as these, the savages of new guinea or the red indians are immensely higher in the scale of manhood .
  3. Among the red indians the chief was their supreme commander
  4. He is a pure red indian
  5. Films that deal more sensitively with native american history are replacing the clich s of red indian and cowboys
  6. It's difficult to find red indian in a sentence. 用red indian造句挺難的
  7. Red indians , while they were still unaffected by white men , would smoke their pipes , not calmly as we do , but orgiastically , inhaling so deeply that they sank into a faint
  8. With civilized men , as with primitive red indian tribes , it is , i think , chiefly love of excitement which makes the populace applaud when war breaks out ; the emotion is exactly the same as at a football match , although the results are sometimes somewhat more serious


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