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  1. H-58 turns east on Deer Park Road and runs between Rainy and Reedy lakes to the south and Lake Superior to the north.
  2. The school was located near Reedy Lake and close to a sawmill operated by local entrepreneur Angus Cameron, who gave the district its name.
  3. Kenneth Kitchen and James Hoffmeier state that these reedy lakes and marshes along the isthmus of Suez are acceptable locations for " yam suf ".
  4. Tindale notes that the Muthimuthi traditional lands were " On Murrumbidgee River at Balranald; southwest to Murray River; west to near Lake Benanee; at Reedy Lake; north to west of Carrawathal ".
  5. In 1899 a second barrier, known as the'lower breakwater'was built further downstream on the river at the southern boundary of Reedy Lake, making it a predominantly freshwater wetland, with an extensive cover of vegetation, that supported diverse populations of waterbirds and other aquatic wildlife.
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  7. The larger ones are coipo, coypu, " Myocastor coypus ", a webbed-feet animal that inhabits reedy lake and river banks; and Wolffsohn's viscacha, " Lagidium wolffsohni ", of the family Chinchillidae, whose preferred habitat is above the timber line.


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