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  1. Reef check 98 was taken place in bluff island
  2. Participation in previous reef check
  3. If yes , please specify the year and location of the reef check survey
  4. Wwf reef check team to protect our marine environment , please fill in the
    請將填妥表格以傳真至2530 0864或填寫
  5. More disappointing is that no big fish has ever recorded in this reef check survey area at least since 2003
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  7. Wwf is again forming a team to participate in the hong kong reef check 2006 and the details are shown as follows
  8. The hong kong 2001 reef check is part of a global survey and research programme to promote sustainable management of coral reefs
  9. This year wwf invites 8 - 12 recreational divers to form the wwf reef check team and undertakes an underwater survey on the coral habitat in hong kong
  10. Reef check is the largest international coral reef monitoring program involving recreational divers and marine scientists , and wwf has been participating in an annual event in hong kong since 1998
  11. In addition to the reef check , the department has commissioned a study on underwater survey in coastal waters of hong kong to extend knowledge and baseline information on coral communities in hong kong
  12. The hong kong reef check 2006 , organized by the agriculture , fisheries , and conservation department afcd and reef check foundation since 2000 , is scheduled to be held between june and september this year
  13. The annual reef checking exercise started in 1997 aims to help to collate the necessary coral data for the formulation of a long - term conservation policy for protecting our rich marine natural resources and to raise public awareness on coral reef conservation in hong kong
  14. Although the coral coverage maintains relatively stable over the years of wwf reef check survey , the absence of big reef fish and the low abundance of smaller reef fish clearly reflects that the protection of coral communities at marine park is far from adequate
  15. Under the coordination of the department and the reef check foundation , some 200 volunteer divers from local universities , green groups , government departments and non - government organisations took part in recording the coral conditions of 19 sites during the two - month survey period
  16. To protect and conserve the marine environment for the purposes of conservation , education and recreation , certain activities are prohibited or controlled in marine parks or marine reserves according to the " the marine parks and marine reserves regulation " . agriculture , fisheries conservation department also coordinates hong kong reef check , organizes activities like hong kong underwater photo and video competition , dolphin watching , and field studies
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