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  1. Caribbean reef shark play a major role in shaping Caribbean reef communities.
  2. The giant barrel sponge is an important member of the reef community.
  3. Marine parks are areas of the sea zoned as sanctuaries for the coral reef community.
  4. Many other organisms living in the reef community contribute skeletal calcium carbonate in the same manner.
  5. Re-evaluating the health of coral reef communities : baselines and evidence for human impacts across the central Pacific.
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  7. Cotyleans, on the other hand, with as many as 16 families, are prominent members of tropical coral reef communities.
  8. Because of this predatory behavior, the brown dottyback is considered an important regulator of the composition of the coral reef community.
  9. The coral reef community at the Houtman Abrolhos is unusual in having tropical coral growing alongside and in direct competition with, temperate seaweed.
  10. Most particularly, Bronnie helped with Beebe's groundbreaking coral reef studies, which awakened interest in the unparalleled interdependence of life in the reef community.
  11. Dr . Goreau said sponges, coralline algae and sea urchins were also succumbing to new illnesses, further threatening the health of reef communities.
  12. Robert Buddemeier, an expert on coral reef health at the Kansas Geological Survey, says the outlook is for continued declines in reef communities.
  13. As ocean acidification increases across the Earth, this caldera offers scientists an opportunity to look into the future and ensure continuation of coral reef communities.
  14. Killing corals " has the same effect on a reef community's fish and invertebrates as clear-cutting trees has on forest animals; it destroys their habitat and they disappear, " the report says.
  15. As fish stocks become depleted and fish get harder to find, the investigators say, fishermen sometimes dump entire 55-gallon drums of cyanide into shallow reef communities, making " aquatic graveyards " of them.
  16. However, Troy ( Donal Logue ), the meanest, toughest tiger shark in the ocean, is not only terrorizing everyone in the reef community, but also has his eye set on Cordelia to become his mate.
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