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  1. They can also be found in very shallow water on reef flats.
  2. It can be found in groups at depths from on reef flats.
  3. Martensia fragilis grows on rocks in tide pools and on reef flats.
  4. Coral reef flats are considered the most aesthetically beautiful underwater community known.
  5. They occur in coral-rich areas of reef flats, lagoons and seaward reefs.
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  7. The island is made up of coral atolls and reef flats.
  8. This rim is maintained by the constant flow of water over the reef flat.
  9. The reef covers a total area of 100 km? including lagoon and reef flat.
  10. The total area of the atoll, with in diameter, is, including reef flat and lagoon.
  11. It is common on reefs, upper reef slopes and reef flats in the tropical Indo-Pacific.
  12. Reef flats or uplifted coral reefs are another kind of marine terrace found in intertropical regions.
  13. They are often found on reef flats exposed to high light intensity and intermittently strong currents.
  14. The total area of the atoll, including lagoon and reef flat amounts to 5 km 2.
  15. In addition there are three much smaller islets, Te Afua-a-Taepoa spread around the encircling reef flat.
  16. Over recent years the dominant species in the reef flat have been affected by environmental changes.
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