reflecting material造句

"reflecting material"是什麽意思   


  1. The plate shall be made of reflex - reflecting material
  2. Zhejiang haoshijia reflecting material co . , ltd
  3. Study on a new kind of marine acoustic reflecting material
  4. Retro - reflecting materials for traffic safety ; photometric minimum requirements for retro - reflective sheetings for traffic signs
  5. It is the professional solution when high - quality visualization of metal , chrome , glass or any other reflecting material is required
  6. It's difficult to find reflecting material in a sentence. 用reflecting material造句挺難的
  7. Retro - reflecting materials for traffic safety ; photometric evaluation , measurement and characterization of retroreflectors and retro - reflecting sheetings
  8. To accurately predict forming limit , a criterion to reflect material performance in essence was indispensable besides increasing the fea model accuracy
  9. The other - type female writing , which appeared at the end of 20th century , bragging about keeping a record of events of the new mankind and pointing to fashion , mainly described the different class life style of contemporary young people , and showed the young and the middle aged monobasic existence state of shanghai , guangzhou , etc ; and to a certain extent , reflected material , spirit and culture state at end of the century of our country under the linguistic context of globalization
  10. Traditional western aesthetics is particular about two devidings - ideal and material , different sects of aesthetic in different historical eras laid emphasis on pursuing the relation between ideal and material as well as how meal reflects material , till the twentieth century , did western aesthetic community form general attention to the tendency of the mixture between ideal and material
    摘要傳統西方美學講究“心物”兩分法,各歷史時期的各派美學都重在探求“心物”之間的關系以及“心”如何觀照、反映“物” ,直至20世紀,西方美學界才形成對“心物”交融美學問題普通關注的傾向。


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