reginald barlow造句


  1. The film stars Lionel Barrymore, Karen Morley, Diane Sinclair, Nils Asther and Reginald Barlow.
  2. Kane, Regina Wallace, Reginald Barlow, and McKay Morris were the principal actors in the drama.
  3. After a distinguished military career Reginald Barlow would find success as a character actor on Broadway and in Hollywood.
  4. The film stars Conrad Nagel, Kay Linaker, Donald Cook, Esther Ralston, Harry Stubbs and Reginald Barlow.
  5. The same website also shows that in the " New York Times " of 7 July 1943, Reginald Barlow was a Colonel who commanded the 304th Infantry in World War I for the United States, and was a veteran of two other wars : the Spanish American War and The Second Boer War.
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