regulated fund造句

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  1. On regulating fund - raising activities , care would be taken to strike a balance on the stringency of control , in order not to stifle genuine charitable fund - raising activities
  2. Another basic and momentous law regulating chinese securities market following securities law , it marks the establishment of legal systems regulating funds operations in china
  3. How to regulate fund manager ’ s investment behavior ? at first , the paper expains how original characteristics and derived characteristics would affect fund performance
  4. In view of the fact that several departments were involved in regulating fund - raising activities , there were views that the government should establish a clear and integrated regulatory framework to plug possible loopholes arising from the different controls
  5. Mr yam said some emerging asian economies had adopted different formal or informal measures to regulate fund flows . such measures included limits to the convertibility of the domestic currency in either direction and limits to the ability of banks to expand their assets or liabilities denominated in the domestic currency
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