research integrity造句


  1. They focus on different aspects of scientific research integrity.
  2. The ORI monitors research integrity at institutions funded by the Public Health Service.
  3. Donnay also complained to the Office of Research Integrity in Washington, which oversees academic research.
  4. He continued to promote research integrity and actions on misconduct until the end of his career.
  5. In 2014, Coughlin received the Research Integrity Award from the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology.
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  7. To his astonishment, the name was accepted, being later changed to the Office of Research Integrity.
  8. We regret that and we further regret that the perception of our research integrity has clearly been affected.
  9. As the importance of original research grew among faculty members the questioning of research integrity grew as well.
  10. In their first investigation, a predecessor of the Office of Research Integrity, found little evidence of misconduct.
  11. She has also contributed to implementation of  fixes related to these problems, aimed at increasing research integrity.
  12. The falsifications were first identified by researchers in the study, and confirmed later by the Office of Research Integrity.
  13. That same year, the Office of Research Integrity of the National Institutes of Health found him guilty of scientific misconduct.
  14. This is a stunning reversal for the renamed Office of Research Integrity, which has also lost other high-profile cases.
  15. Now both the lab and the Office of Research Integrity have found that data on which he based his conclusions were fabricated.
  16. The Office of Research Integrity at the National Institutes of Health now formally agrees with that conclusion ( ORI2006-09 ).
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