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  1. On the other hand , the research international has testified that the spreading depressions ( sd ) in the brain have relationship with cerebral infarction
    另一方面,國內外研究證明人體大腦中的擴散抑制電位( sd )和腦梗塞有一定的關系。
  2. Irwin , graduated in 1995 , joined research international china as a reseach executive during 1996 - 1998 , next entered asia pacific brewery ltd during 1998 - 2000 , worked as an assistant brand manager for " tiger " beer ' s marketing in south - western china
    顧迅, 1995年大學畢業,在1996年進入華南國際市場研究公司,從市場研究分析工作開始自己的職業生涯;因更熱愛市場實戰,從1998年進入亞太釀酒公司,先后擔任“虎牌”啤酒在中國西南地區的品牌主任,后提升為助理品牌經理。
  3. It combines time to space , quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis , theory to practice . firstly , it presents the conceptions of geopolitics and petroleum foreign policy and their relationship , point out the importance of researching international petroleum problem in the view of geopolitics . then , analyze the history and trend of world petroleum pattern
  4. Through researching international and domestic integration successful model and the northeast present reality , the author proposed the area economic integration conception of the northest , the present paper mainly carries on the elaboration from following several aspects : first , constructing the northeast region economic integration already has the condition ; second , establishing the northeast region economic integration enjoys the significance ; third , the question of establishing the northeast region economic integration also exists ; fourth , the conception of northeast region economic integration
  5. Gu xun ( irwin ) , graduated in 1995 , started his career by joining research international china as a research executive in 1996 - 1998 , during which he mainly participated in consumer research projects for unilever & colgate , etc , together with local business development . next he entered asia pacific brewery ltd during 1998 - 2000 , first as marketing executive then as assistant brand manager for " tiger " beer ' s marketing in south - western china
    顧迅,重慶人, 1995年畢業于華東船舶工業學院造船系( 96年輔修市場營銷) ,在1996年從中國最大的專項市場研究公司? ?華南國際市場研究公司開始自己的職業生涯,他主要參與聯合利華和高露潔等跨國消費品客戶的消費者研究項目,及本土客戶的開拓工作;因更熱愛市場實戰,從1998年進入新加坡亞太釀酒公司投資的海南亞太釀酒公司,先后擔任“虎牌”啤酒在中國西南地區的品牌主任,后提升為助理品牌經理。
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  7. Taking ngos as a new international actor , the author analyzes ngos ’ role in international community and the evolvement of un - ngo relationship under the framework of global governance . he discusses concerned reforms in un system according to the values and goals , criteria , subjects , objects and effects of global governance . the author further researches international politics from the ngo prospective and explores some correlative theories , especially the theory of global governance


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