research into aging造句


  1. Melov, for example, began his research into aging at Emory University's Center for Molecular Medicine.
  2. The statewide effort comes as complete maps of human genes, once a scientific dream and now expected in just a few years, are likely to spark the next generation of research into aging and diseases.
  3. In 2009, de Grey and several others founded the SENS Research Foundation, a California-based scientific research organization which conducts research into aging and funds other anti-aging research projects at various universities.
  4. Dr . Timothy Salthouse, a cognitive psychologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology and co-author of the book " Adult Development and Aging, " said that research into age-related memory was controversial.
  5. In the action plan, they said " a society for all ages " should include improved elderly access to public health services, prevention of old-age dependency, research into aging topics and inclusion of younger generations in elderly life.
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