research journal造句


  1. Students of the University have published papers in international research journals.
  2. A research work was published in Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research Journal.
  3. He is also on the Editorial Board of various Research Journals.
  4. The study was based on reports in research journals and detailed interviews.
  5. All students may also submit research to the undergraduate research journal Stellar.
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  7. WP : RSs are Peer reviewed research papers in international research journals.
  8. VGTU Press also publishes 19 peer-reviewed research journals.
  9. Middle Grades Research Journal, 7 ( 1 ), 57 75.
  10. Publication in the UROP undergraduate research journal is known to be extremely competitive.
  11. The two journals are currently the Royal Society's main research journals.
  12. In 2005 Irina Eliseeva initiated the Russian Research journal  Finance and Business.
  13. OpenEpi has been reviewed, both by media organizations and in research journals.
  14. The ASRT publishes two peer-reviewed research journals.
  15. Publication in the UROP Undergraduate Research Journal is known to be extremely competitive.
  16. American Educational Research Journal, 11, 187 197.
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