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  1. Computer communications research labs
  2. Ibm research lab in haifa
  3. Likewise , technologies can only be researched at bases which have built research labs
  4. This report is ultimately about whether a hybrid art center and research lab is feasible
  5. We ve taken the technology out of the research labs and moved it into the production environment
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  7. Dpsql is a distributed and parallel database system developed by 8010 research lab
    Dp - sql是由電子科技大學8010研究室自主研發的分布式并行數據庫系統。
  8. Dp - sql is a distributed and parallel database system developed by 8010 research lab
    Dp - sql是由電子科技大學8010研究室自主研發的分布式并行數據庫系統。
  9. Information communications research labs , itri best browse in 1024x768 pixel with ie 5 . 5
    本網站最佳瀏覽解析度為800 x 600 ,建議使用ie 5 . 5以上版本之瀏覽器
  10. I d like to thank graduate student brian stoler of our research lab for first introducing me to this pattern
    我要感謝我們研究實驗室的研究生brian stoler ,他首先向我介紹了這種模式。
  11. The company has strong technical development capability and has collaborated with famous university to set up a hair research lab
  12. The tokyo research lab has created the xml security suite , a prototype implementation of the xml signature specification
  13. Research labs are developing technologies beyond tomorrow so i would not jump into a hype of new revolutionary technologies
  14. The second key enabling advance , called chemical - mechanical polishing ( or cmp ) , emerged from ibm ' s research labs in the late 1980s
    第二項技術,就是化學?機械研磨法( cmp ) ,是1980年代后期ibm實驗室研發出來的。
  15. So now you should build research labs , and research computer technology up to level 2 , to unlock the robotic factories structures
  16. The powell structural research lab at the university of california at san diego tests new bridge materials such as carbon and fiberglass polymers
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