1. Residencia australia , location , barcelona hostal , apartments in barcelona , barcelona hostel
  2. Residencia australia , barcelona hostel , apartments in barcelona and barcelona guide
  3. Reservations , residencia australia , barcelona hostel , apartments in barcelona
    巴塞羅那的澳大利亞寓所barcelona residencia australia在線預定
  4. Residencia australia , barcelona hostel , apartments in barcelona , barcelona guide , things to do
  5. Residencia australia has been here since 1978 , we are small , cozy , warm and friendly
    Residencia australia澳大利亞公寓始建于1978年,我們規模小溫馨并且待人友善。
  6. It's difficult to find residencia in a sentence. 用residencia造句挺難的
  7. The self catering option for families in a hotel setting . residencia australia , your barcelona hostel
    Residencia australia澳大利亞寓所巴塞羅那酒店,位于巴城市中心,是一家著眼于為游客提供居家環境的小型酒店。
  8. Residencia australia , our barcelona hostel , has been operating for 25 years and is recommended by the guide de routard , let s go , the rough guide , and the lonely planet
    歡迎您來到residencia australia澳大利亞寓所巴塞羅那酒店。我們室一家中澳合資的家族企業,在巴塞羅那中心購物街區擁有2座公寓樓。
  9. Before the civil war the family had a hostel , which was confiscated by the fascists , so on our arrival to spain my mother decided to continue with the tradition and she founded this barcelona hostel , residencia australia
    在西班牙內戰之前我們家曾經營過一家旅舍,后備法西斯沒收充公。因此當我們回到西班牙的時候,我母親決定繼續經營家庭旅舍這一傳統,叫作residencia australia澳大利亞公寓。


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