residency and internship造句

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  1. BluePearl is one of the largest private providers of approved veterinary residency and internship educational programs in the world.
  2. The studio provides opportunities for short-term residencies and internships while encouraging a pragmatic approach to the importance of a sound business practice.
  3. After college, the ophthalmologist goes to medical school for four years, then completes residency and internships in the area of eye disease and treatment.
  4. The college provides its alumni and other osteopathic medical graduates with residency and internship training opportunities through the New York Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Educational Consortium ( NYCOMEC ).
  5. Some programs, such as medicine and psychology, have formal apprenticeship procedures post-graduation, such as residencies and internships, which must be completed after graduation and before one is considered fully trained.
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  7. During his medical residency and internship period, McCracken was a football referee, linesman or time-keeper for many Ivy League varsity games, including the Harvard vs . Yale games of 1902 and 1904.


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