residency permit造句


  1. Now the Moscow police demanded to see her official residency permit.
  2. They want the French government to grant them legal residency permits.
  3. Many of these people have no residency permits for Moscow.
  4. In about three weeks, he can return for his residency permit.
  5. The residency permits are a burning issue for the Palestinians.
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  7. Hernandez was recently granted a residency permit in Costa Rica.
  8. Residency permits, which last 10 years, become permanent upon renewal.
  9. Under the reforms, a work visa will serve as residency permit.
  10. The city has not yet approved his petition for a Moscow residency permit.
  11. Instead he got a one-year residency permit.
  12. The Interior Ministry denied revoking Palestinians'residency permits.
  13. The residency permits would be valid for six months and may be renewed.
  14. Green card is the term used for a U . S . residency permit.
  15. Ari's lawsuit seeking to have his residency permit renewed is still pending.
  16. A lawsuit seeking to have Ari's residency permit renewed is still pending.
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