residency qualification造句


  1. The commission says she failed to meet residency qualifications.
  2. Bond's residency qualifications to be governor were challenged but upheld the Missouri Supreme Court in 1972.
  3. Each member elected had to be at least 30 years old, meet residency qualifications and pay taxes.
  4. He also derided the Democrats'accusations about his residency qualifications as " legal mumbo jumbo ."
  5. The move is being made now so the crew could meet the 2-year residency qualification for competing in 2003.
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  7. At that stage he had made a conscious decision to commit himself and therefore the residency qualification flowed on from that.
  8. After meeting the residency qualifications, he made his international debut for Canada at the 2005 ICC Trophy, held in Ireland.
  9. He eventually met the residency qualifications for the Hong Kong national team, and made his international debut at the 2011 ACC Twenty20 Cup in Nepal.
  10. Attempting to address the main point of contention raised by Milner and Chamberlain, Kruger spoke of reducing the residency qualification for foreigners to nine years or perhaps less.
  11. During this period he spent some time in Switzerland as a tax exile, until he was forced to leave after the Swiss authorities began to question his residency qualifications.
  12. After meeting the residency qualifications, he was selected in the UAE's squad for the 1997 ICC Trophy in Malaysia, as one of several players with first-class experience in other countries.
  13. :: I think all constitutional experts would agree that a person born in the United States ( who meets age and residency qualifications ) is eligible for the presidency, no matter where that person's parents were born.
  14. Sugden was eligible to be selected for Ireland under the residency qualification, and he made his international rugby debut at scrum-half against France in Paris on New Year's Day 1925, scoring a try in Ireland's 9 3 victory.


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